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PT. Trimitra Perkasa Fortuna committed to avoid injuries, maintain health and safety of its employees and all those who may be affected by the activities of the Company, as well as protect the environment in which companies carry out their duties.
HSE policy is an integral part of the duties Board Director of the Company's, the Manager, including all employees and subcontractors.
All employees are supported to maintain their own health, but the most responsible for personal health lies with each employee. Company provides training for its employees that allows them to protect their health, to work safely and to preserve the environment.
All employees are responsible and obligated to comply with HSE policy. Each individual must follow the guidelines so that they can protect themselves, the environment and all others who may be affected by his actions.
Clients, employees, subcontractors and suppliers, and employees from a third party who worked for PT. Trimitra Perkasa Fortuna, shall implement the provisions and the HSE Policy and similar policies or regulations of their respective companies and laws and regulations which state the duties being carried out.
Company HSE policy communicated to all employees, clients, suppliers, and to all others associated with the Company.

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